Predictive Marketing is the Answer to Higher Quality Lead Generation and More Sales

Our latest ebook goes beyond the standard predictive marketing overview with actionable information on using predictive analytics, effective lead scoring, and better demand generation.

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When fully integrated into your demand generation efforts, predictive marketing analytics enables B2B marketers to drive deeper buyer engagement and increase revenue opportunities from target accounts.

Download "How to Convert Leads Faster Using Targeted Demand Acceleration" and start leveraging your existing marketing channels with a new level of precision that lands bigger deals in shorter sales cycles, including how to:
  • Improve account-based marketing efforts with content and website personalization
  • Use predictive marketing to determine the right marketing events for your business
  • Optimize your database to improve sales and marketing alignment with better lead scoring
Take your lead generation to the next level. Download your copy today to level up to demand acceleration.

Why Everstring?

EverString helps B2B companies identify their best customer prospects through data science and predictive analytics. EverString intelligently scores inbound and existing prospects, and also identifies completely new prospects from outside your funnel.

Drive Conversion with Predictive Scoring

Score and prioritize leads and accounts in your funnel to increase conversion rates, deal sizes and velocity

Build Pipeline with Predictive Demand Generation

Analyze millions of potential accounts outside your funnel to identify completely new customers using intent and fit signals

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