EverString is pleased to announce PREDICTIVE AD TARGETING

to qualified customers

Connecting the Dots from Predictive to AdTech

While many marking technology products focus only on siloed views of customer interaction, resulting in disjointed marketing operations and inconsistent engagement with customers, EverString provides a comprehensive, data-driven decision platform that enables marketers to extract the value of big data technologies without the complexity, in order to engage with the highest-potential prospects at every point in the marketing funnel. Delivered as a SaaS intelligence layer, the EverString Decision Platform collects customer data based on over 20,000 buyer signals, then leverages data science and artificial intelligence to define each customer’s ideal customer profile. This audience selection capability is then integrated into each stage of the sales and marketing process to deliver Predictive Demand Generation, Predictive Scoring and now, Predictive Ad Targeting.

Why Everstring?

EverString helps B2B companies identify their best customer prospects through data science and predictive analytics. EverString intelligently scores inbound and existing prospects, and also identifies completely new prospects from outside your funnel.

Drive Conversion with Predictive Scoring

Score and prioritize leads and accounts in your funnel to increase conversion rates, deal sizes and velocity

Build Pipeline with Predictive Demand Generation

Analyze millions of potential accounts outside your funnel to identify completely new customers using intent and fit signals

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