The State of predictive marketing report


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The State of Predictive Marketing Report

We know there is a lot of confusion and hype around predictive marketing, so EverString set out to separate the fact from fiction in our new State of Predictive Marketing Report. Download our report to find out:
  • How mature the average marketer is with marketing technology
  • What predictive marketing is and who uses it
  • How the size of your company, marketing team, and marketing strategy affect your usage of predictive marketing
The bottom line, 91% of the most mature marketers we surveyed who are defining the future of the company and leading the charge into new markets are using or considering predictive.

Download your copy now to see how you compare.

Why Everstring?

EverString helps B2B companies identify their best customer prospects through data science and predictive analytics. EverString intelligently scores inbound and existing prospects, and also identifies completely new prospects from outside your funnel.

Drive Conversion with Predictive Scoring

Score and prioritize leads and accounts in your funnel to increase conversion rates, deal sizes and velocity

Build Pipeline with Predictive Demand Generation

Analyze millions of potential accounts outside your funnel to identify completely new customers using intent and fit signals

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