The Definitive Predictive Marketing Cheatsheet and Glossary

Understand what predictive marketing is and how predictive marketing software is the future of lead generation

Start Predicting

Generating quality leads isn’t easy, but there is a way to find the right customers, optimize conversions, and send only the highest quality leads to sales.

Predictive marketing leverages big data, marketing intelligence, and persona development to predict your next customer and who you should target.

Download this Cheatsheet and learn:
  • What predictive marketing is and how to define the surrounding terminology
  • How predictive marketing software enables marketing and sales alignment
  • How predictive demand generation enables you to find the right accounts and marketing personas
  • How predictive lead scoring prioritizes accounts and leads for sales
The future of lead generation is here and it’s predictive marketing. Don’t be left behind.

Why Everstring?

EverString helps B2B companies identify their best customer prospects through data science and predictive analytics. EverString intelligently scores inbound and existing prospects, and also identifies completely new prospects from outside your funnel.

Drive Conversion with Predictive Scoring

Score and prioritize leads and accounts in your funnel to increase conversion rates, deal sizes and velocity

Build Pipeline with Predictive Demand Generation

Analyze millions of potential accounts outside your funnel to identify completely new customers using intent and fit signals

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